Alberta Blockchain Consortium

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Headquarters: Calgary, Alberta

The Alberta Blockchain Consortium (ABC) was founded to unite our province’s diverse community of Blockchain business owners, developers, adopters and those interested in exploring the technology’s transformative potential. Seeking to educate and raise awareness of Blockchain’s incredible economic and social value, the ABC supports ecosystem development and hosts monthly gatherings with expert speakers, along with other high-profile events with international reach.

Why is Blockchain economically important? Alberta’s resource industries are challenged with increasing regulations, lower margins and growing operational complexity. If our primary economic sectors, such as Oil & Gas, Forestry and Agriculture, are going to compete and thrive in the next decades, optimization is critical. Blockchain has the ability to streamline operations, dramatically lower administrative and data management costs, and provide a trusted, verified store of information.

These benefits also apply to industries like healthcare, financial services, cannabis and logistics, all predicted to be significant growth areas in Alberta over the next decades. Technology is the foundation that will help these new economic potentials take flight – and as our province moves toward necessary economic diversification, Blockchain will play a key role in building a strong technology community.

As global technological development moves toward an integration of data management, analytics and information transfer, Blockchain’s decentralized, secure database will form an essential foundation for other revolutionary digital technologies. The ABC is focused on developing this convergence through inter-relationships and collaboration with Alberta’s Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Internet of Things communities